Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A few of the blogs I follow, in case you're in need of some light reading.

News and Commentary

Christian Feminist
Feminist Review
Georgia Politics Unfiltered
Georgia Women Vote
Lucid Idiocy
Lucid Idiocy (Politics)
Womanist Musings

Arts and Other

Katie's Blog

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Feminists for Equality
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Free Speech Protection Agency
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To Contact

I welcome all questions, comments, ect. To contact me, please email me at Allow up to 24 hours for me to respond. I answer all emails personally. If you are commenting on a particular post, and would like to have the response published in my blog, I would be happy to do so. In the event that you would like to include your picture in the response post, please attach it to your email.

Guest Posting

So far, Disclosures has been a one-woman operation, but I would love to have additional voices on the blog.

Guest posts should include original commentary on the chosen topic. If your post is pulling information from some other source, please give credit to that source near its first reference. Also, when you send the post, please include a link to the source in question. Posts that do not give credit to their sources will not be posted.

Please include "guest post" in the subject of the email, and the post in question in the body. Include in the body of the email any tags you believe are appropriate for the post. Otherwise, I will tag the post as I feel appropriate.

If you send me a guest post, I prefer that you send me a short bio. Tell me who you are, where you're from, etc. You don't have to put your last name or exact city, if you don't want to. Just tell me the important parts. Tell me whether or not I can publish your email, and if you have a blog, feel free to give me a link to it. I'll put it in the post.

About the Blog

Disclosures is the current blogging endeavor of Tiffany Stevens. She created the blog in an attempt to hone her column writing skills, in addition to creating a better understanding of internet news trends. From these wishes emerged a mostly political based blog, often indulging in sarcasm, social commentary, and marginal news.

The title of Disclosures was borne out of joke between Tiffany and Alex Huckaby, a very close friend of Tiffany. Alex has a standing tradition of proclaiming that Tiffany is a dirty feminist during the times when she embarks on rants about issues related to the study.

Disclosures is a fairly young blog and still going through the early stages of development. As such, currently it is a one woman operation. However, Tiffany is open to branching into a larger project and perhaps including guest posts. Those interested should e-mail Tiffany directly using the contact section of the blog.

The Woman Behind the Curtain

Tiffany Stevens is a Christian feminist who is currently working on completing her bachelor's degree. She is majoring in journalism and women's studies, and plans to pursue a career in newspaper journalism. Current projects include working on a couple of novels (to be completed at an undetermined date), playing with the band Wake, and contributing to Shattered Fate. Tiffany enjoys reading, writing, knitting, playing or listening to music, and spending an incredible amount of time watching strange documentaries and movies aired on independent news stations.