Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weather Report

China can control the weather. No, really, I'm not kidding.

Using an arsenal of rockets, artillery and aircraft, China will try to blast the clouds out of the sky, a meteorologist told a Beijing magazine, through a technique which falls under the umbrella of "cloud seeding." - CNN

According to, China is so confident that the war on weather will be successful that it has planned to host the Olympics in a roofless stadium nicknamed "The Bird's Nest".

Daily tech outlines how China plans to control the amount of rain. China also plans to have influence over amount of smog in the city during the Olympics. They explain that as a last ditch attempt, China will shoot concentrated amounts of liquid nitrogen into the clouds in an attempt to make the rain drops smaller so that the clouds can pass over the where the Olympics will be held.

You know, seeing as how China is having just as many natural disasters as we in America are, I'm going to guess that firing off weapons into the atmosphere probably won't help the pollution problems they have that caused the smog problems they already have. Which means that every runner at the Olympics should feel very proud of themselves. They have faced a challenge that China has shouted to the world at large: "I bet you can't run while breathing".