Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Excersize Inspired by WMST 2010

Key -
Bold -- Empowering (in the "pride" sense of the word)
Italic -- Controversial (or something that can create tension)
Bold and Italic -- Both

What am I?
female, white, Christian, feminist, journalist, Irish, German, British, Cherokee, pierced, educated, monolingual, ambitious, creative, writer, vegetarian, knitter, guitarist, pianist, attracted to both men and women, single, independent, outspoken, environmentalist, Southern, predominately right-handed, geek, heavy set, big-chested, self-defeating, bitchy, annoying, tactless, self-conscious, student

Why controversial/empowering?

Female -- Controversial: for similar reasons that being male is controversial. Being a woman means that people are going to stereotype you.

White --While you can't help what you are, white guilt still factors into everything. And in opposition to what my WMST teacher suggested, I am highly aware every day that I'm white, because it has constantly been brought to my attention.

Christian --We hold these truths to be self-evident...that most Christians don't act like their savior. Besides that, in a multiculturalist society, it's hard to lay claim to any one religion without backfire.

--One, I'm Christian and feminist. Enough said. Two, there are too many people who view feminism in a negative light (and that feminism mostly brings upon itself). Radical feminism has made a mockery of real goals.

Journalist -- Do you know how cool it is to get to talk to all these different people on a regular basis, and learn their stories? It's inspiring and empowering.

Irish, German, British, Cherokee -- Though I could launch on a tangent for each of these, and they culturally deserve it, it's easier to put them together, as together they do make up me. I identify primarily as Irish-German, as I know the most about my culture from those two lands. But I wish I knew more about my British and Cherokee ancestors, especially my Cherokee great-great-grandmother. That knowledge is lost to me, because when she married my great-great-grandfather, who was Irish, she was banished from her tribe. In her culture, that meant she wasn't allowed to speak about her past and people anymore.

Pierced -- People who have piercings, especially facial piercings, are often looked down upon.

Monolingual -- I'm learning Japanese, but I can't count myself as bilingual yet. Until then, I'm the stupid American.

Vegetarian -- I've made the choice not to eat meat, but people do love some bacon. And they think you should like it too.

attracted to both men and women-- Nothing's cooler and avant garde (these days) than being the popular gay girl, or more normal and socially accepted than being straight. But I'm both. Go figure.

Single -- A girl without a boyfriend? *gasp* A girl who may not even want a boyfriend (or a boy)? *double gasp*

Independent -- Taking care of yourself : awesome. Being a woman and having people expect they will have to take care of you: not so much.

Outspoken -- Depends on what you say, but can get you in trouble.

Environmentalist -- Damn tree huggers.

Southern -- I'll think about that tomorrow.

Geek -- There's nothing better than being a dork in modern culture. Especially since superheroes are cool now.

Heavy-set -- "Darling, try this new diet, it's fabulous..."

Big-chested -- I'm sorry, but if your boobs serve as a shelf, then you and everyone else in the room are going to be aware of it.